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RCHOP starts tomorrow...advice?

Hello everyone.  I'm new on here.  I just got my port implanted today and start R-CHOP tomorrow.  Does anyone have any helpful hints or advice to help with the side effects?  I just want to do whatever it takes to make this as easy as possible.  The impending hair loss is going to be extremely hard for me.  Thank you for any advice, tips, hints, etc. that you can provide.

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I had a different treatment so I can't say specifically what to expect or how you will feel... But try to take things day by day. Drink as much water as you can - this will flush out the toxins so you can get on with it. This will be hard to do and if you are asked if you want the IV hydration after your chemo runs through, take it. Good luck and stay strong. We are all in your corner. Let us know how you are doing when you can.
Thanks, Jessica. I am going to drink water as much as I can. That seems to be the most popular advice. I'm strong and will not let this beat me.
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No advice on your specific cancer, but like all treatments try to keep hydrated. Good luck Hopes and Prayers being sent your way.
I've heard from other NHL survivors that eating carbs after a Tx took their nausea mashies with butter, pasta, bread. I had my first chemo in 1991/92 and I had one of your Rx's, Cytoxan and I remember craving spaghetti. Also get a script for Zofran for nausea. Ginger candies for nausea. Suck on lemon balls hard tack candy for any metallic taste. That's as much as I can tell you because I'm a Head & Neck cancer survivor. God bless.🙏🏻👍🏻
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Hey Jennifer, Get this first infusion done and you will have most of the spooky mystery behind you.
A couple tips...
I know hair loss may be harder for women than men, but you may find it is not as bad as you imagine. So much of what you’re about to encounter has a surreal quality right now but the time will pass quickly and your hair will grow back.
Second, about side effects. Every single person has different reactions. Some have almost no side effects and some get clobbered with several. Just know this...when and if you have a side effect, come to all your friends here with it and one of is will be a seasoned veteran with your symptom and will have advice.
So much of the mystery and unknown will be over tomorrow. Just try to relax and tomorrow night you’ll be more tired from worrying about the infusion process than the process itself.
Remember, I had almost exactly the same diagnosis as you. Several others did too. R-CHOP works. Ask lots of questions when you are there. Knowledge is power. Never stop smiling.
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I had eight infusions of RCHOP 9 years ago. In my case the nausea didn't hit until a day or two after the infusion. The hair loss didn't start until after the second infusion, not all fell out, but the continual loss bugged me so I shaved it all off. Lots of fatigue and body aches. In general I had two or three good days after the infusion, then 2 weeks of feeling bad, a week of not to bad and then time for another infusion. I lost over 100 lbs during the treatment because of the nausea and food just didn't taste right. My diet consisted mostly of ramen, bananas and tuna fish (of all things :-)) The infusion nurses had me chew on ice chips during the injection of the red devil, never had any mouth sores. During the initial injection of Rituxin I had an allergic reaction, imagine your worst case of chills ever, they gave me big doses of Benedryl and steroids to control it. They slowed the drip down and there were no further reactions with that infusion or the next 7. Cancer and Chemo are tough characters, but you are tougher! Good luck!
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I have finish 10 sessions of RCHOP last year & 30 radiation therapy last month. after may 2nd sessions I decide to have a bald haircut cause before may 2nd session may hair loss almost a half. just ware colorful fashionable pregnant I experiencing nausea, Food aversion & Metallic taste, just eat what your appetite wants. Be happy, stay strong & always talk to God.
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Hi from a Jennifer that is 7 plus years in remission from the same cancer! I’m so sorry you have nhl and have to do R-CHOP - it’s a beast of a chemo regimen but it’s bigger and badder than Stage 3 nhl so there’s a silver lining - it will kick your cancer’s ass! It will kick yours too as it kills off bad and good cells. You will have a cumulative effect of becoming more tired after each chemo but you will also become better at planning for avd dealing with the side effects of each treatment. Please rest and stay hydrated as others have mentioned. I actually gained 30 lbs as I could only eat carbs to handle chronic nausea. You could gain or lose weight so eat what makes you feel good but also try to walk a little if you can only stomach carbs or throw healthy foods in I the mix. “Magic” mouthwash is good for mouth sores and a Reglan/Zofran rotation contained my nausea. Colace is good for inevitable constipation..

Losing my beauty and fertility were the hardest parts for me. If you have any side effect questions, old posts on my page are pretty helpful. I’m so far out from treatment that I’ve forgotten most of it. I wish you the same results. Trust that it will get better! Your hair will grow back, you will appreciate small things and become a better person than you ever imagined you could be. Cancer sucks but the pain it brings is s great teacher. Love and healing prayers ! I’m not on here much anymore as I’ve met the limit of “ cancer stuff” I want to have in my life but I will check my emails and look for your posts. Also I can not recommend yoga and meditation enough! They are lifelines to me and I have to thank cancer for bringing those wellness practices into my life. Take care - ❤️🙏🏻🤗
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Thank you so much for posting a comment. So far the hardest thing has been losing my hair. It has really been falling out the last few days. I'm shaving it off tomorrow. I'm a strong person and I know I'll be ok but my looks are important to me. I have a wig, which I hope will help my confidence. How long does it take for your hair to grow back? Did you wear a wig? scarves? Did you accept the bald look? Ugh. I've been so sad and it seems silly. Did you lose your eyebrows & eyelashes too? This totally sucks but I really appreciate support from others who have made it through. It sounds like your journey was very hard. Best of luck to you!
Listen to your body, sleep when you need it and if you get mouth sores, eat anything you can. Drink LOTS OF WATER!! Hugs!
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Hi Jen, welcome to our club! I'm a LBC NHL survivor over 5 years, and R-CHOP works pretty well. How are you doing now with your 2nd or 3rd rounds of infusions? I've had a beard for 25 years, it had to go, as did my hair and about all that remained was 40% of my moustache and eyebrows. My suggestion to my NHL friends it to bring a giant bag full of entertainment as our infusions are about the longest; I've opened and closed the place in at 8am out at 4pm. Bring headphones, music, books, cozy pillow as the Benadryl bomb they give will do two things- it will prevent nausea and it will give you a nice hour nap (I'm willing to bet I snored, but WTH). Are you getting a Neulasta shot the day after? Avoid casinos, public transportation, and a bottle of hand sanitizer is your friend, even at church. You are young and vibrant, and you will make it thru my friend. Please ask any of us questions, or you can private message us as well. You're not alone in this journey dear Miss Jen. You're smile lights-up your whole photo, which reminds me, ask your dentist for a prescription-strength toothpaste while you're getting chemo. And I hope they told you about numbing your port an hour before you start, and not to worry about after they put the red Kool-Aid in you that you will see it shortly later, and not to worry about that. Wearing a wig is fine- keep that beautiful smile going, and nobody will know the difference! May God Bless You Jen. We're all here to help.
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